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The purpose of this course is to identify and break free of the unconscious roadblocks in our lives so that we can live fully and love freely. My heart for people taking this course would be to help them identify and understand: the 6 essential needs that drive all human beings, what has been driving them personally, and the ego (false) self in contrast to their true self. Then, my course will guide them in experiencing breakthrough in the specific areas of their lives that have been stagnant and hindered from living fully and loving freely.


Session 1 - Why are you here? 

Most people are trying to discover what they are supposed to do in life, but many ignore a much more foundational question that must come first. Why are we here?  In session 1, we will address this question and discover the answer to the question of why we are here.  

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Session 2 - What is a rich life?

What does it take to live a truly fulfilling life? What are the six inherent needs that all human beings have? How does an unconscious sense of lack lead to one or two of those needs becoming out of balance and trampling over our other essential needs?

In this session of the course, we will discover the six essential human needs, and how lack hinders us from finding fulfillment in each one of the six human needs.   

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Session 3 - Life is like a trip to the movie theatre.

Many of us have spent most of our lives caught up in the dramatic ‘movie’ of our life. Whenever we are engrossed in any movie, what we are seeing becomes all that we are aware of. The reality is, however, there is much more happening around us.  We are not actually in the movie we are watching on the screen.  We are present in a theatre, surrounded by other people.  There is also a world outside of the theatre that is teeming with life. 

In this session of the course, we will learn how to break out of the dramatic film we’ve been caught up in and become conscious of our whole life!

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Session 4 - The crazy muttering person

Have you ever noticed that our mind is always talking? It’s a continual stream of random thoughts, most of which are useless at best.  Often the thoughts that the mind produces can be toxic, producing both mental and physical illness.  In this session, we will discover a tool called ‘the line’ that will help us become conscious to these thoughts and how to choose to engage in non-toxic thoughts.

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Session 5 - Embracing the triggers.

What are triggers and why do certain situations trigger us over others? Many people live life either constantly being triggered, or spending a lot of time and energy avoiding situations that trigger them. In this session, we will explore what a trigger actually is, and why they are actually an essential asset to our healing and freedom.

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Session 6 - The Importance of life mapping.

If you think about it, the nature and direction of our lives are shaped by a handful of significant moments. The image that we perceive for ourselves, and the story we adopt about our lives has been shaped by these significant moments. In this session, we will discover what a life map is, and how to create one for ourselves.  

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Session 7 - Key Decisions & Impossible Blueprints

Whenever there are areas of stress in our lives, it is usually due to our life’s circumstances not lining up with the blueprint of our lives that we have unconsciously created. It is often a key decision we have made in response to a situation of great pain or fear that created this blueprint.  In this session, we will discover how to identify the unconscious life blueprints that we may have that are causing pain and suffering in our lives.   

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Session 8 -  A New Story

In the final session of this course, we will summarize the tools we have gained throughout the course, and we will explore the possibility of rewriting our life’s story. In this session, we will also discuss the possibility of aligning with our true nature and away from the ego self that has been constructed throughout our life.    

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